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Since 1980 Michael Mc Elmeel has worked at the forefront of Industrial refrigeration and air conditioning. Projects have ranged from on farm air conditioning in the mushroom sector to 3000 pallet cold stores. The core business of the company is still very much refrigeration. However the 21st century has added an emphasis on energy recovery from temperaturte control systems - be they heating or cooling. LPG Refrigeration services now has a team of 10 highly qualified service engineers who are ready to supply, install and maintain the most modern and efficient refrigeration, air conditioning and heat recovery systems available.

  • Refrigeration
    We offer a complete package of design, installation, monitoring and maintenance of chill rooms, blast freezers, cold stores, high humidity chilled storage, water chilling, hydro chilling and gas leak detection systems.

  • Heat Recovery
    We can recover heat from existing systems to pre heat boiler water, or to maintain room temperatures. The fuel of the 21st century is waste energy.

  • Air Conditioning
    We can offer heat and humidity control in environments as diverse as mushroom tunnels to electronic components of manufacturing sites.

  • cheap viagra europeCertification
    We are PED 389 compliant and where relevant we use a notified body to test and approve equipment & pipework. We can only use CE certified equipment. We aim to use equipment with the maximum COP rating available.

    Michael is a member of the Institute of Refrigeration Ireland, a group of industry professionals who through training, research and liason with third level institutions ensures its members are kept abreast of the latest developments within the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.